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Painting with watercolor

        Hawthorne once told his students,” When painting, swing a big brush, you don’t know what fun you are missing”.                                  I had tried watercolor for three years, taken college courses, and tried every source available to me.  Then at the… read more

Expression of joy

We, as artists, are more than entertainers.  We are people with something to say about the world around us…and today I want to express my thankfulness for John’s slow but progressive recovery… and to do that I started a new painting.  What better way?  I can express my joy through my choice of colors,subject matter,… read more

Painting with a room full of 6th graders 3-10-’17

I volunteered to demonstrate to two 6th grade art classes.Some of the students knew who I was, some did not. I had just 40 minutes with each group so I had to be completely ready to start painting when they got in the room, and explain as I painted.& They gave me their undivided attention,… read more

Art is a gift

I had a good time demonstrating doing an acrylic painting Friday to two classes of 6th graders.  It was a challenge, because they only have 40 minutes each class.  I had to do my explaining & the demo in that time period.  I don’t see how the teacher ever gets anything accomplished in that time. … read more

Wakie’s art musings 1-27-17

Life, How good and how pleasant when God is our guide…..He has gifted each and everyone of us in a special way, with gifts that can be used to make life better for us & for our fellow man.  I am so grateful to have been gifted to paint, both for my enjoyment, and hopefully… read more

It’s time I got back to work

My landscape is calling me back to work.  I’ve been gone for 2 weeks but I’m back and have caught up on a few things.  So now I can get back to it.  Happy Painting everyone !!!


When we see a landscape, we should want to wander through it.  We should want to know what’s upstream from here, or what’s over there.   We can, in a sense, place ourselves in the scene.  When you can do that in a landscape it is speaking to you.

wakie’s art musings for today..Dec. 22, 2016

Want to have some fun?  If you’ve never tried it before, try using a large brush, Maybe a 2″ or larger.  It will free you up like you wouldn’t believe.  If it’s not for you, have you learned anything from the experience?  Try something new every now and then.  Have fun painting.

painting from memory versus life

Painting from memory has the advantage of getting the first impression of the artist, without attention to detail of the supporting surroundings.  However, painting from sketches and supporting photos allows the artist to get a more accurate likeness, but the art may lose  some of the excitement of the moment.     Doing a sketch… read more

John’s recovering well

John is finally getting better.  Has had 4 days of feeling good, praise The Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!   That makes me better.   Our show was a good one.  Had new people and new clients…Sales were good.  We tried something new this time.  Fewer days, and shorter hours and it worked out fine.   I hope you had… read more