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Memories & Musings

We are the sum of all our memories and we can draw those from those  memories all kinds of images from which to paint.  It may be a favorite vacation spot, or a hiking trail, or a favorite pet, or it may be a kid at play that sparks a painting.  I have a lot… read more

Art Musings for June 7,2016

I like painting on site, I may get my inspiration from nature or a flower or a tree.  but I also get inspired by something I hear spoken, or music I hear, or just thoughts that cross my mind.  Inspiration can come from just lights and shadows, any where my mind takes me.  

wakie’s art musingsthis a.m.

We can not explain the process that leads to a finished painting.  We don’t just see something & “aha” a painting appears.  Something may attract our attention, and then we can’t get it out of our mind.  Then we develop a painting in our mind in watercolor or oil, etc.  It is addictive,  even more… read more

wakie’s art musings

We paint the world we live in and this world nourishes our own soul.   We invite you to step through the door into our world and rest awhile.   Enjoy the beauty of the flowers, or run free with the wild horses, where ever your mind takes you.  We pray that you too, will… read more